Some Of Our Customers Have Their Say.... 

''Didn't think it would work - but it did - Thank you!''  January 2012

'' Good product.  Very quick delivery and fantastic price.  Thank you'' February 2012

''Amazing product, was unsure to begin with but it totally worked :) Thank you!!!!''  February 2012

''WORKS A TREAT, start to fall off after 5-10 days depending on size GREAT ITEM'' March 2012

''Brilliant item, worked exactly how it said!! have recommended to many :)'' March 2012

''Took a little longer to take effect than I thought but I perservered and it sure worked!  I am happy as larry, and as it is all natural I can understand the longer time as not harmful chemicals.  Thank you I have recommended it to all my friends for their skin tags'' March 2012

"No change in my tag  for a few days so I added more to the cotton wool (think it was too dry) and within a couple more days it started changing, I kept it up for another week and it simply fell off! I must learn to be more patient.  Most impressed.  Thank you''

April 2012

''OMG it actually works!!!!!!!!! Fantastic''  May 2012

''I'm a electrologist and can remove skin tags using electrolysis however some clients may be very nervous or have a low pain threshold...this product is ideal for all types of clients. The product was applied and the skin tag went.  Amazing.  Depending on size and location the skin tag can take one to a couple of days to fall off''

Mrs S Stavri May 2012

''It really works!" June 2012

''Perfect - Thank You!!''  June 2012

"Super many thanks xxx" July 2012

"Removed some of my skin tags quickly others proved more stubborn but finally went - thank you'' July 2012

"Amazing item - seems to be working after using it once thank you"  July 2012

"Very good product, super fast delivery! Thank you''  August, 2012

"Here within 24 hrs - great product, really working'' August 2012

''Works slowly, but works well!'' August 2012

"Great item, fast delivery, thanks :-)" August 2012

"Item just as described - and very prompt delivery, thanks" August 2012

''Thank you! Tried a few things but failed, this removed my little tags within a week and my big one in two weeks!  Thank you x'' Sept 2012

"Worked exactly as described, and super quick dispatch'' Oct 2012

"Couldn't use tape due to the locations, but dabbed them morning and night as outlined, and to my amazement they dried up and fell off! and even the bigger ones are starting to show signs of surrender too!  All smiles thank you so much''  October 2012

''Just fantastic'' Nov 2012

''Am happy with the item, am starting to see a difference with the skin tag'' Dec 2012

"Great product - thanks'' Dec 2012

''Took a few days but did the job'' Jan 2013

"Excellent'' Jan 2013

"A1 as described - works'' Jan 2013

''Wow super fast, excellent value and worked!'' Jan 2013

"AAA+++'' Jan 2013

''Fine'' Jan 2013

''Excellent product'' Jan 2013

''Great product.  Fast Delivery.  A***'' Feb 2013

''Brilliant service'' Feb 2013

''Item just as described + very speedy discreet delivery'' Feb 2013

''All good'' Feb 2013

''It really does work. Many thanks!'' Feb 2013

''Thanks for the speedy delivery - already seeing great results after five days - thank you!'' March 2013

''Excellent'' March 2013

''Worked as described - quickly dispatched, recommended'' March 2013

''Worked for me - thank you'' April, 2013

''My tag got a big bigger then 'crisped up' and fell off - thank you! '' April 2013

''I found using medical tape worked best for me as the plaster absorbed the solution too much - within 10 days using overnight, my tags had disintegrated whilst showering!  - thank you!'' April 2013

"Excellent  - will use again and advise anyone else to" May 2013

''As advertised, and fast service, a very big thank you''  May 2013

''Very good, works very well!" May 2013

"Great product at brill price'' May 2013

''OMG - this stuff is amazing!! Skin tag fell off on 3rd day. A+ Deffo recommend :)'' June 2013

''Excellent'' June 2013

''Very pleased'' June 2013

''Really does work many thanks.  Quick delivery'' June 2013

''Received ..and the day it was delivered my skin tag dropped off... a miracle'' June 2013

 "I just wanted to let you know that the Skin Tag Zap you supplied has worked a treat.  I had three tags which I treated 3 times a day, the smallest came off after just one week and the larger one after two weeks.  I have to say I was rather unsure as to whether or not it really would work, but have to say I am very happy with the results.  Many thanks" July 2013

''Superb product! Fast delivery! Thanks!'' July 2013

''Really works!!!!  Thank you,  would definately recommend A+++++++++++++++++++'' July 2013

''Really does work.  Many thanks.  Quick delivery'' July 2013

''A great buy'' July 2013

''Quick delivery, excellent instructions - does what it says on the tin"  August 2013

''Very pleased with the product" August 2013

''Excellent product - arrived and worked as described'' August 2013

''Great product - really works.  Thank you''  August 2013

''Very good''  August 2013

''Excellent throughout''  August 2013

''xxx great service xx highly recommend xxx many thanks xxx'' August 2013

''Thank you'' September 2013

''It really works!'' September 2013

''Very fast delivery, really happy with purchase, would definately buy again''  September 2013

''Good product'' September 2013

''Excellent service - and seems to be working too! Many thanks''  October 2013

''Just trying it  - and one is looking good''  October 2013

''Working a treat thank you''  October 2013

''Excellent product.  Prompt dispatch''  November 2013

''Worked!!  Excellent.  Thank you''  November 2013

''Used it a few days and already saw a difference'' November 2013

''It works quickly and pain free!!''  November 2013

''Just trying and one is looking good''  November 2013

''Fantastic item! Thank you very much'' December 2013

''Worked.  Took 7 days.  Persistence is the key.  Very pleased''  December 2013

''Thanks very much - the stuff works, and is my second purchase!   I am very pleased with the product and my tags have reduced significantly''  January 2014

''Fantastic buy - really works''  January 2014

''Excellent!''  February 2014

''Worked a treat - thank you" March 2014

''10 out of 10'' April 2014

''Results looking good - thanks'' May 2014

"Great item really works - 5*****" June 2014

''Worked on small ones quickly, larger ones a bit longer but all gone!'' July 2014

"It works'' August 2014

"Great price - does the job  - very pleased" September 2014

''Came next day, worked within 5 days - thanks'' October 2014

''Excellent.  I would buy again'' November 2014

"Works a treat thank you'' December 2014

''Just as stated, started using it and seems to be working straight away, thanks'' December 2014

''Quick delivery, seems to work OK'' December 2014

''I have used this product before, I recommend its use'' January 2015

''Brilliant cant fault - does as it says" February 2015

''Very quick service and it works'' February 2015

''Many thanks works well'' March 2015

''Used two times, and the skin tag is starting to go crusty.  Thank you no.1 remover'' March 2015

''Just what I needed'' March 2015

''So far success with this product.  Very fast postage'' March 2015

''Product does appear to be working and much cheaper than similar products - try it'' April 2015

''IT WORKS - SUPERB!!!!!!!!!'' April 2015

''Does what it sez on the bottle, and in quick time'' April 2015

''Thanks for this - its good - so much cheaper than some'' April 2015

''Does what it said'' April 2015

''This stuff works - four days at 20 mins a day, hold pressure - it's great'' May 2015

''As advertised, works brilliantly'' May 2015

''Wow! It really works, no smell, no stinging, just a product that does the job'' May 2015

''Looks like it works.  Good Product'' May 2015

''This does work'' May 2015

''Great product'' June 2015

''Does the job just fine'' June 2015

''Very happy!'' June 2015

''Have used for two weeks and my large neck skin tag has fallen off.  Thank you very much!'' June 2015

''A super product and very quick delivery - would recommend'' June 2015

''«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»'' June 2015

''Does the job - very pleased'' June 2015

''It really work for me'' June 2015

''Does what it says'' June 2015

''It worked :-)'' June 2015

''It's worked - thank you so much'' July 2015

''Great product'' July 2015

''Excellent - a product that actually does what it says'' July 2015

''I am now tag free.  Thanks.  A++++++" July 2015

''Fast - great product - worked in 4 days'' July 2015

''It worked well - thank you'' July 2015

''Great.  Really worked for me thank you, you saved me a lot of time and money'' July 2015

''Happy got rid of skin tag in three days - applied to cotton wool and taped to tag'' July 2015

''Seems to be working - thank you x'' July 2015

''Does what it says on the tin'' July 2015

''Worked for me'' August 2015

''Seems to be working - thank you'' August 2015

''Brilliant'' August 2015

''Does exactly what it says'' August 2015

''It's working after a week, snag turning black, will be off soon'' August 2015

''Good buy'' September 2015

''Great stuff'' September 2015

''Great product - will use again'' September 2015

''Just as described - thanks a million'' September 2015

''Fab product! So happy.  You have to be patient as it says on the tin!! :))'' September 2015

''Great product that will remove skin tags A+++++++++++ Apply twice daily+++'' September 2015

''Great product does exactly what it says'' September 2015

''As they say ...... Just what the Doctor ordered ...... Thank you'' September 2015

''Have bought this before.  Liked it.  Works well'' October 2015

''This works really well and delivery was fast.  Thank you'' October 2015

''Excellent product - skin tag fell off within one week'' October 2015

''Very pleased with this product.  Highly recommended'' October 2015

''Works well on smaller tags, takes longer on larger ones. Good product!'' October 2015

''Fantastic, dropped off after 2 days!'' October 2015

''As said on bottle'' October 2015

''Fantastic! It works!'' November 2015

''A great product - works just as it states'' November 2015

''Fast service and accurate description - though treatment took a little longer than expected - but now tag free and very happy!'' November 2015

"This is an EXCELLENT product.  Actually works. Very happy'' November 2015

''Good product - worked for me - thank you'' December 2015

''Very impressive - much appreciated!'' December 2015

''Fast delivery, worked as stated - no problems for me - thank you'' December 2015

''Very pleased - thank you'' December 2015

''Perfect way to start the New Year - tag free - thank you!'' January 2016

''Excellent product and superb service - will recommend to all I know'' January 2016

''IT WORKS!!'' January 2016

''Just as it says - thank you!'' February 2016

''Does what it says on the tin'' February 2016

''Put to good use - works well'' March 2016

''Very happy with my purchase'' March 2016

''Just what I needed and worked just as stated - very happy!'' March 2016

''Very impressed! Recommended you to all my friends'' April 2016

''Just what I needed - you saved me a lot of money and hassle - excellent service too'' April 2016

''I am now skin tag free! Thank you very much'' April 2016

''It works, it works, it works'' April 2016

''It arrived very quickly and worked just as described! Thank you'' May 2016

''Ordered yesterday, arrived today!  Thank you - cannot wait to use'' May 2016

''Thank you.  I'm really really pleased xx'' May 2016

''First class'' May 2016

''Good value and a very effective lotion'' May 2016

''Does the job - thank you!'' May 2016

''Good for money, would use again'' May 2016

''Came very quick! and it worked for some of my skin tags! Thanks!!'' June 2016

''Top item, thank you so much'' June 2016

''Excellent!  Would buy again and recommend highly'' June 2016

''100% positive.  Well pleased'' June 2016

''Worked just as you said it would - so happy! thank you xx'' July 2016

''Very pleased - thank you'' July 2016

''Excellent product, 5*'' July 2016

''It works'' August 2016

''Done the job!'' August 2016

''Brilliant'' August 2016

''Didn't think it would work, but it did  - sooooo happppy :-)'' August 2016

''Can't believe it worked! Saved me a fortune and made me very happy.  Recommend 101%'' August 2016

''Brilliant - it works!'' September 2016

''OMG Amazing!!!!! I used it for just two days and my tag fell off!'' September 2016

''It does what it says on the tin'' September 2016

''Worked a treat - and super fast delivery! Very impressed'' September 2016

''Everything great thanks - tag all gone'' September 2016

''Great value and easy to use on small skin tags'' October 2016

''This product works! Thank you.  Saved me a fortune and could not be happier.  Recommended'' October 2016

''Many thanks.  Great item!!  Works brilliantly'' November 2016

''Excellent product and speedy delivery - what more can you ask for?'' November 2016

''The very  best service ever, received in less than a day!  Thank you so much'' November 2016

''Did exactly what it said it would do'' November 2016

''Very happy with how my tags have been removed.  Thanks!'' November 2016

''Fantastic product - it really does the job! Very pleased, thank you'' December 2016

''Have no hesitation in buying 100% *****'' December 2016

''As described, works well with some patience'' December 2016

''Used it before - does the job'' December 2016

''This item is very good and does what it says it will do!!!!!!! BRILL 5*****'' January 2017

''Great product.  Great price.  Great service'' January 2017

''Just as described.  Worked a treat'' January 2017

''Top item - worked exactly as described'' February 2017

''As described.  Worked perfectly and lots left over.  Good buy!'' February 2017

''Really works'' February 2017

''This stuff works! You just need to be patient''  March 2017

''Great product'' March 2017

''Second purchase - and as before very prompt service.  Showing great results'' March 2017

''Perfect - thank you'' March 2017

''Very good service A***** Skin tag went within 1 week!!!'' March 2017

''Item arrived fast, with instructions pamphlet and ingredients - thank you guys'' April 2017

''Very good - recommended.  Thanks'' April 2017

''Great natural product and it works!'' April 2017

''Arrived the other day and has been effective'' 2017

''Great product.  Great price.  Very pleased'' April 2017

''Does what it says on the tin - thank you!'' May 2017

''Next day delivery, in plain cover, and worked!'' Recommend'' May 2017

''Can't tell you how happy I am!!! Thank you xx'' June 2017

''Just the job'' June 2017

''Faultless - exactly as described'' June 2017

''It works'' July 2017

''Perfect, I am now tagless!   Thank you so much.  Have recommended to my friends xx'' July 2017

''Excellent product and service - arrived next day!'' August 2017

''Removed all my tags - effortless and painless - thank you!  100% recommended'' August 2017

''Perfect'' September 2017

''Worked for me just as described - WOW'' August 2017

''Thank you - saved me a lot of worry and money.  Highly recommended'' September 2017

''Arrived next day in plain cover, used it same day and tag vanished within 3 days! Thank you!'' September 2017

''Excellent - all tags gone! Thank you x'' October 2017

''Perfect service and perfect product!  Amazing'' October 2017

''A friend recommended this to me - and I am so glad she did.  Thank you!''  November 2017

''Thank you!'' December 2017

"Worked perfectly for me - recommend" January 2018