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A big welcome from Skin Tag Zap - the skin tag remover and thank you for visiting.


You have probably visited Skin Tag Zap as you have skin tags on your body which you may want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons or due to them rubbing and causing you irritation.


What are skin tags?  Well here is some useful information to start:



A very important question to ask first of all is whether or not it is safe to treat and remove skin tags. The good news about skin tags is that they are nearly always harmless and are just protruding bits of skin on your body. They are normally found in areas of the body where creases are found such as the neck, groin or under the arms.


Provided that you go about removing skin tags in the right way, there should be no problems with doing this yourself at home.


It is said that half the world's population have skin tags.


Although most skin tags are harmless, you have to be sure that the skin tag is benign before you even consider removal. Signs of a malignant tumor are changes in the color or shape or if you notice that the skin tag seems to be growing quite quickly. If you have any concerns about a particular skin tag, then it is wise to speak to a doctor or skin specialist for advice before you even think about any home removal methods.


If you are thinking of removing your skin tags, there are many different approaches.  One way is to visit your doctors surgery to get it removed there. However this is not always convenient for most people and they may also feel embarrassed about the appearance of their skin tags. That is why a lot of people will choose to remove their skin tags themselves in the comfort of their own homes.


Removing skin tags at home can be quick, easy and affordable.


There are a number of ways that this can be done pain free. Some methods take longer than others and you may require a bit of patience but there are some ways that are quite quick. However the quick methods are usually the most painful. You have to consider your own preferences and requirements before making your choice of home skin tag removal.


One of the easiest and cost effective ways to get rid of skin tags at home is to use Skin Tag Zap.  


Compared to an average doctor's visit of £160.00 for up to three skin tags to be removed, £9.99 provides you with enough Skin Tag Zap to treat upto four or more skin tags. 


The reason so many people find this one of the best ways to get rid of skin tags is because it is a totally natural product and the ingredients are well known for their healing properties. 


A blend of natural extracts, Skin Tag Zap is made up of a mixture of natural acids, sugars, enzymes and vitamins.   This is an alternative treatment approach to skin tags.  So please be patient and let the natural formula work its magic :)


The best way to use Skin Tag Zap to remove skin tags is to get a cotton ball and soak it in the potion.  


You then need to place the damp cotton ball on the skin tag (not the surrounding skin) and use a strip of medical tape to secure this - perhaps overnight. And repeat this process.


For areas where using a strip of medical tape is not practicable, customers have said they have found dabbing the tag for about a minute with the Zap - and repeating this up to three times a day - very effective.


In order to see results you may have to repeat this process every day for around ten to fifteen days.   Patience is the key to success.


After this period you should notice that the skin tags should be starting to fall off.   


Please note, it is entirely normal to experience a tingling / slight burning sensation whilst using Skin Tag Zap.  This is showing you the natural acids are being absorbed by the skin tag and shows that the treatment is working.  


As tempting as it is to pick the skin tag off as it dries up, it is best to let it fade and fall off naturally to reduce any risk of scarring .


The skin tag will painlessly dry up and flake away.  It really is that simple.


Although skin tags are harmless, they can be annoying and embarrassing for some people.  The location of your skin tag will determine how irritated it can get.


For example some men find skin tags around the neck to be quite troublesome because of the fact that they can get nicked when shaving. When this happens it is not uncommon for skin tags to bleed quite a bit.  So while you do not have to remove skin tags, you may want to do so for cosmetic reasons or just because they get painful when irritated. 


Please note Skin Tag Zap is not for use around the eye area, but ideal for application to areas such as the neck, back, the under-arm area etc.


Just remember that Skin Tag Zap is a great natural method for removal of skin tags - without pain or scarring.  It is natural, effective and one of the most affordable solutions on the market.   


Also remember the time for treatment to take effect varies between individuals - from days to weeks. 


Skin Tag Zap has also proved an effective alternative treatment approach to verrucas and fungal infections e.g. nail fungus.



NOTICE/DISCLAIMER: For over 18's only. If unsure if home treatment is suitable for you or any concerns consult with your GP. Skin and its reaction to various substances applied topically vary from one individual to another. Skin type, condition, health history, and chemistry are the factors that affect how the skin will react to natural (or synthetic) substances. Your skin may or may not react favorably to Skin Tag Zap. Use of this product is at Buyer's own risk. Seller does not make any personal recommendations and although this product works in 95% of cases, there is no absolute guarantee it will work. Seller is not responsible for negative or damaging results by proper or improper use of this product by any person. Buyer's purchase and use of this product indicates that he/she agrees Seller is held harmless.  Due to hygiene reasons, returns are not accepted.  Buying and using this product is confirmation that these terms are accepted and legally binding.